Today we stumbled upon the remnants of an individual with big dreams. Nestled into a remote and stunning hillside (we had to hike into 4 miles to get there) we found the modern day equivalent of some Grecian ruins. Bare steps, a fireplace, and a plumbing system with some genius behind it – not dissimilar from the ancient aqueducts. Also at the site was a set of paint cans, some of them still unopened and preserving the remains of a brilliant orange color paint. It amazes us that somebody would have attempted to set up such an elaborate living situation at such a time; the evidence defies the typical homesteader’s cabin and lends itself more towards something estate-like. Still, big dreams are quickly crushed by even bigger conditions. This person may have wanted too much; too much beauty, too much freedom. In the long run lust will sink anyone, and ambition becomes delusion. Our treasure today is a memento-sized piece of the pipe that was used in this adventurous attempt at plumbing system in the middle of a nowhere heaven. Like our other items from this special “midas touch” week, we’ve gold coated this luscious piece of piping, making it simply irresistable on the eye and in the hand. BID HERE to own this amazing pioneer artifact, and let it remind you that all dreams- even the ones that can crush you–are worth pursuing.

[flv:/Silkblog/videos/daily_treasures_pioneer_estate_pipe.flv 640 360]