History has taught us that rural life is hard. The prairie can rip you to shreds mentally. Communities are built and sustained on the understanding that you don’t let your melancholy bring the group down. But obviously people everywhere in every time have betrayed this “group committment” by indulging in their own existential despair over the horrors of life. Bernadette Caruth is one such figure from this lot. She withdrew from her clan into her hammock, and soon afterward the entire village was blown out. Today, more than a hundred years later, Goatsilk scavenged the Caruth home and found some remnants of Bernadette’s hammock refuge. This gorgeous hammock chain, which – like the bolt from earlier this week – we’ve coated in Excaliburian gold, is a one of a kind rare find. This could easily be used practically as a bike chain, decoratively as a necklace (i.e. Mr. T), or simply treasured for its historical poetics. Place your BID HERE without hesitation. You won’t be disappointed!

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