Every so often, we find something that gets lost before it ever even gets used, and that’s the case with today’s find, a Verizon cell phone car charger. The packaging is sealed but weathered, indicating it’s been exposed for some time, but the charger itself appears in fine condition. This charger works with the Verizon VX8100, VX1000, VX3200, VX3400, VX3450, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX5300, VX6700, VX7000, VX8000, VX8300, and VX9800 models. It is notably not an aftermarket product, making it actually worth far more than the starting price of this auction (99 cents!) All you Verizon cell phone owners looking to take a road trip, this is your chance for a steal! BID HERE to make this item yours.

[flv:/Silkblog/videos/daily_treasures_cell_charger.flv 640 360]