Here on Silkblog, Goatsilk likes to make you think, laugh, delight, and cry. Today’s daily treasure is somewhat of a heavy one in more ways than one. This golden bolt is solid as can be, produced in a time before steel was anodized. But we also believe this bolt to be a piece of the leftover wreckage from the infamous Aug. 17, 1959 earthquake (7.6 on the Richter scale!) that split a local mountain in half, severed one side with a clean slash, caused a massive avalanche that damned the Madison river and formed what is now known as Earthquake Lake, which exists today – quite beautifully – as a reminder of Mother Nature’s sudden powers. Many people lost their lives beneath the rubble on that fateful night. Highways were washed clean away, cabins set afloat, dams burst. It must have seemed like the end of the world had arrived. This bolt likely came from some of the infrascructure that preceded the massive quake, and we have taken the liberty of gold-coating it in honor of one Ms. Marylynn Gold, a nurse from Ennis who heroically helped in the rescue efforts. It’s dazzling in this gold plated format. An artifact and an artwork in one! A symbol of a tragic event that continues to create wonder, don’t be a fool and miss the opportunity to BID HERE and own the Golden Bolt from 1959.

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