When scouring the wild land gets tiresome, we head for more urban terrain. West Yellowstone. It’s easy to find the valuable booty left behind by the millions of tourists passing through this hotspot at the edge of Yellowstone park. Yesterday we found a most curious object in a patch of grass on the edge of the sidewalk. It’s a comic sculpture of a “lottery nut,” depicted by a walnut who is crazy about playing the lottery. Sound familiar? I’m sure we all know one of these “nuts.” A bit more investigation revealed the origin of this unique piece-one of the nearby gift shops (of which there are dozens!) has a complete collection of these nuts. Stress nut, shopping nut, racing nut, golf nut, gun nut, sex nut, and so on. Who of us in America isn’t a “nut” about something. Plus, it’s just plain fun to say “nut” after almost any word in the English language. Try it out. “Goatsilk nut.” See how we imagine this unique (and nearly brand new) item came to be where we found it, and BID HERE to own this original souvenir from the kingdom of nuts in the heart of America.

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