I’m sure a lot of people have maybe already seen this, but I’m re-kicking off Silkblog this summer 2008 with a celebration of Weezer’s new video “Pork and Beans.” This is a great song and an AMAZING video, and the two together are a KNOCKOUT. It’s not that no one’s ever had the brilliant idea of collaging together so many viral vid clips and youtube stars in one piece before, but no one has done it like this. This vid makes a statement, cleverly mixing independent youtube up and comers like Chris Crocker and the spelling bee kid with big budget Weezer. We expect these “cameo” appearances to be somehow reappropriated (from their original clips) into the new video, so I love the surprise when we realize that these “youtube” stars are actually in the new piece. And the mantra of “Ima do the things that I wanna do” (a defense of the brilliant absurdities that fuel today’s “viralness,” and not a grating declaration of common teen angst) is refreshing in the name of art. This is just plain wonderful, apropos as can be, and you can get lost in it.