I recently saw both of these videos and they’re just marvelous. If humans really are “animals” who refuse to believe they’re “animals,” then it’s actually comforting to see animals behaving with such civility and tenderness. Always we reduce the animal to danger and savagery, to walking around on all fours with noses in their own shit, scrapping to survive and not be killed (not so dissimilar from much human behavior, eh?). But “animals” are so much more complex. From these two clips it would appear that whatever wavelengths they’re on include a wide spectrum of conduct and emotion…even love.

This video picture show reveals a startling interaction between an alaskan Husky and a wild Polar Bear.

Polar Bear and Husky love

This viral video of two otters holding hands is well known, but still terrific to watch again and again. Warms the heart.