From October 22 РNovember 4, 2007, a high-traffic corridor connecting the arts and humanities at Whitman College was transformed into a hypo-/hyper-sensory interactive environment. Thirty percent of the hall was papered with heavy black stock, emptying it of light. The remaining seventy percent of the breezeway interior was enveloped in bright, handmade wallpaper, aerated with the scent of cotton-candy, and adorned with dynamic light objects, such as a whirling disco ball and a plate of lightning that pulsed colorful bolts in response to sounds in the room. A bubble-maker and rotating fan added extra texture and kinesis. On one wall, flat screen covered in red fur looped Interstella 5555, a set of Japanese Anime videos set to music by the popular French Music group, Daft Punk. Hairspray bottles were set on lam̩-draped tables for creative use by visitors, while cans of grapette soda and fruit punch were stacked for the taking. Finally, balloons and balls, jacks and playing cards, and an array of vibrant novelty toys were strewn throughout to multiply elements of color, texture, form and play.

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