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Last Sunday, this is what it looked like driving through Clinton, Montana in the mid-evening. Wildfires blazed along highway 90 like some eerily beautiful hell on earth. The sun and sky were an otherworldly orange beneath the gray of smoke and cloud. Goatsilk colors! Later, I realized that not only were the hills ablaze in Clinton, but this week-end is the famous Rock Creek Testicle Festival, which happens in Clinton. The festival is a wild and devilish event that draws thousands of heavy beer drinking, bare breast showing, motorcycle riding, bull ball eating folk. It’s a week-end of relentless inebriation and meat gnawing delight. Imagining it all going on in the midst of huge fires and thick smoke is even more dramatically devilish. It’s the height of hedonism, a real hell on earth…..except that a lot of fun is had in this hell!