I imagined that Obama’s Butte visit was just a couple hours long–a jet pit stop–but today I learned that he in fact stayed in Butte for 2 whole days, and during this time Davis Guggenheim, the maker of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” was making a 5-10 minute documentary about Obama’s campaign using Butte as a backdrop. This seems so genius. since Butte is in many ways like Chicago in its early days. Obama is definitely aiming to have Montana vote democratic in the presidential election for only the 3rd time since 1948. I think it’s a good shot for him. Strategically the Obama campaign and those hovering around it can’t seem to do much wrong. Here’s some evidence he really was there, and you have to love the Butte mining structure in the background. Beautiful!

Oh yeah, and that’s Brian Schweitzer, the governor of Montana, in the lower right there. Apparently there’s buzz about him being one of ones they’re considering for VP. Interesting indeed.