You never know how far back in time an object might take you. In Montana, parts of the land were covered by ocean water many millions of years ago. Today we stumbled upon a rocky beachside littered with perfect fossils of organisms that once lived on the ocean bottom. Up for auction today is a pristine piece of flat shalestone fossilized from this distant ocean floor. On its surface are imprints (both concave and convex) of numerous clamshells. These clams could easily have last been in the hands of some cavewoman out doing a bit of gathering for her clan. Watch the video than BID HERE to own this splendid object and journey back -way back- to a time that we all still secretly long for. The age of neanderthals.

[flv:/Silkblog/videos/daily_treasure_clam_fossil.flv 640 360]

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