Three videos by Goatsilk–Gargoyling, Pressing the Vessel, and Liberation of the Paranoid World–were included in the Fall 2008 issue of ASPECT magazine, a biannual DVD publication showcasing contemporary work in new and experimental media. The videos are accompanied by commentary by Ricardo De Mambro Santos.


Volume 12: Vital presents nine artists exploring that which is essential, grave, indispensable, and/or critical to existence. Mirroring preconceived notions of reality, these works re-imagine new deities, investigate animal nature and human desire, contemplate the body vs. the psyche, meditate on the circular nature of our existence, and in one case force us to witness the final minutes of life. We confront our own profound mortality, experience fear and displacement within a technological landscape, and consider the sustaining reciprocal relationship of artist and gallery.