Project Description

Goatsilk created the web series, Killin’ It with Paul Crik, from 2008-2013.

Killin’ It is wireless motivation for a new generation.

Killin’ It is a mantra. Its a philosophy that’s as simple or as complex as you like. When we say I’m Killin’ It we know the basic meaning of the phrase. Were on top of it, ready to meet life head on at work or play. Killin’ It doesn’t conform to social mores or expectations. The growing numbers of people who have succeeded at Killin’ It form social ties that don’t just land them a network-based glad-handed favor, they make friends for life; an extended family of some of the most entertaining, good-hearted, humble, and successful people currently alive.

The metaphysical aspect of being human hasn’t changed since we became human, however and whenever you believe that occurred.  From cave wall art to the renaissance to the digital revolution, humans have grappled with the simple fact of existence.  This tumbleweed of feelings and desires which we call the human experience has always begged for instruction, enlightenment, and guidance.  To soothe our natural existential fears humans have created layer upon layer of story, metaphor, legends, gods, and rituals; and each generation requires its artists and shamans to re-create these in new ways.

Hence….Killin’ It!

We have reached a new epoch in the cycle.  The speed with which new images and meanings are digested – and the breadth of images and meanings which can be found – leaves the individual in charge of creating his/her own myths.  For many this can cause angst and depression as they get tossed between names and movements, trying to grab hold of something that feels meaningful.   For others it’s a glorious fulfillment, the sought after peaceful union of the free individual with functioning society.  Perhaps, even, the first real opportunity for spiritual fullness unfettered by the reigns of institutionalism.

Or not.  Because the digital revolution is not a fundamental shift in the paradigm of power.  The illusion of democratic power on the internet is already being harnessed by the old bedrocks of power.  We can spare ourselves bemoaning the giant mass of human energy that is corporations and universities and political parties – they will exist in some incarnation as surely as blood cells and enzymes will exist.

Killing It is a demonstration of this idea.  It is an example of redistributing gathered truths into new sentences, new images, new formations which may bring those old truths closer to us.  Where the chords strike you, embrace them; where they do not, reject them.  But always remember that the point of Killing It is is not merely to leave a bread crumb trail of your existence (digital or otherwise), but to construct your own successful habits and pathways in the quest for physical and spiritual fulfillment.